You want to live an unforgettable time of SERVICE, of SHARING, with others, in the heart of KZN?

Let’s do something amazing.

Make a change in your life and in the lives of others.

Come to St Lucia!

Live by the beach, surrounded by Africa’s most magnificent wildlife, and have a life-changing experience in rural Zululand.

DSC00390We invite you to come and live with us for a time of service. You can be teaching English and practising your isiZulu. You could coach a sport team, play chess with teenagers, or get hands on in the local crèches or the After School Club for orphaned children. Others might enjoy working with adults making handicrafts, or providing assistance to local Zulu families struggling with limited resources. Your own life of faith will be deepened through reflecting on your experiences and joining in the dynamic life of the local church … The opportunities to change lives are endless!

Helping support the children and the adults you will contribute to bigger and brighter future for them! But above all, you will grow in your own self-esteem, respect for other cultures, and gain a better understanding of rural Zululand.


Come and enjoy life in St Lucia, home of South Africa’s largest population of hippos and crocodiles. St Lucia is a tropical tourist town, surrounded by nature and by the beautiful and warm Indian Ocean!

Come and share our passion for life!