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I left the Vicariate of Ingwavuma for the Diocese of Manzini at the beginning of the year and I had not been able to come back to the Vicariate since then.

Last Sunday I was finally back for just a few days. Monday afternoon I went to visit the future “St Lucia Retreat and Training Centre”. I was curious to know how far the project had gone in the last few weeks.

I was speechless. Both the Church and the Hall had been roofed and the cottages are up. It is really impressive to see the whole set up.

I had been receiving messages from people who had been visiting the project letting me know how happy they were about the whole idea and how beautiful it looks… they were right!


Hope you can see the bell…! Being the tower so high, it was decided it would be easier to get it up “with the tower”.

Lenny Willson, the project manager had arrived from Johannesburg and we spent more than two hours going through some of the details and things that need to be done.

We also agreed on a possible day to open the Centre…! We are really excited!

“St Lucia Retreat and Training Centre”… looking beautiful!