The St Angela Skills Development Centre has been opened to train people who are keen to learn new Skills in the arts of beads work, the making and painting of religious statues and the weaving of a variety of woollen products.

The current group members from Khula village have learnt to hand-weave scarves, sewing, knitting, beads work and the making and painting of statues. In this way the St Angela’s Skills Development Centre shares in God’s Creation surrounded by an environment of the St Lucia’s Estuary with its great natural beauty reflecting the wonders of that Creation.

We invite you to our centre at St Lucia. The completed hand crafted items are on sale. They have been made by our growingly talented young (and older) artists from Khula Village Catholic Community.

God bless you all.


The Centre incorporates a skills development and training unit in which local people are trained in weaving skills and the design of religious crafts such as rosary beads and plaster statues.