The St Lucia Retreat and Training Centre in collaboration with the Jesuit Institute are offering a foundational training in Ignatian Spirituality this August!

This training is for Lay and religious who would like to deepen their relationship with God and to learn how to be better able to help others in their relationships with God.

The course draws on the following insights of Ignatian Spirituality for personal prayer:

An introduction to Praying with Scripture: Lectio Divina & Gospel Contemplation

An introduction to Praying My Personal Experience: The Examen, Ignatian reflection tools for discernment

Introduction to some key Ignatian concepts and theology

We ask you to think of people in your parish who would benefit from this sort of training and to recommend them to approach us.

Next workshop : 6-9 April 2017

This is the foundational training for the Jesuit Institute’s program of Training Spiritual Directors. For more information about our training programs or about Hearts on Fire please feel free to contact the Jesuit Institute at  Read more…