The encounter of God in His Creation

6-day retreat with Fr Phiri, omi

1-8 October 2017

Father Joseph Phiri is a missionary Oblate of Mary Immaculate, currently Superior of the Formation House in Cedara. Father Joseph Phiri holds a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counselling and has served as Parish Priest, Delegation Superior (Zambia Oblate Delegation), prison chaplain and hospice volunteer.

In our increasingly materialistic world, we are driven by a seemingly insatiable desire for power. Yet, in this vain striving, we wander further from inner peace and mental happiness. Despite our pleasant material surrounding, many people today experience dissatisfaction, fear, anxiety, and a sense of insecurity. There seems to be something lacking within our heart- a personal spirituality. Therefore, the retreat focuses on helping retreatant develop personal spirituality based on the 7 principles:

  1. The universe is fundamentally a blessing
  2. Transform your motivation: reduce cravings and find your souls desire
  3. Cultivate emotional wisdom: heal your heart and learn to love
  4. Live ethically: feel good by doing good
  5. Concentrate and calm your mind
  6. Awaken your spiritual vision: see clearly and recognize the sacred in all things
  7. Express spirit in action: embrace generosity and the joy of service

TARIFF: R 1 900

This retreat includes a boat trip on the lake St Lucia.

1-8 October: 6-day retreat “The encounter of God in his Creation”